Her obsession

Although he left her weeks ago

she simply cannot let him go.

The calls and texts come day and night;

this tunnel has no end, no light.

She’s addicted to the pain;

pheromones bewitch her brain.

The ecstasy when they kissed,

all the glorious joy she missed.

She can’t forget his gentle touch

or that laugh she loved so much.

No – her iron will will never bend.

Her desperate longing won’t ever end.


11 responses to “Her obsession

  1. First of all, thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them.

    I haven’t had time to read through all of your poetry, but from what I’ve seen, you’ve become quite good at your craft. From the emotions your heavy subject matter calls up, to the song-like structure and rhythm you employ, your poems are simply astounding.

    And it shows up in poems like this one.
    Although you use a narrative voice, you’ve told a story with both grace and an emotional depth that not only evokes empathy for the subject (the girl) in the poem, but for the speaker as an impartial observer as well (something not easily accomplished).

    However, the images you create are – at the very least, in my eyes – the highlights of your pieces.

    The only downside I find is some of your titles closely approaching an area of cliche. It might work for others, but I find it a wee bit weird. Then again, it’s probably just me. And anyway, the subtle mechanics and imagery are what make your poems worth the read. 🙂

    Keep writing. You’re pretty amazing at it.

  2. It’s much harder to break free and truly end a relationship than it used to be. Text messages, unlimited cell phone calls, e-mails, Twitter, Facebook. It’s so tempting and easy to immediately contact someone now. A new twist on an old story. I agree with the others, this is very well-written. You are an amazing poet.

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