Wild whipping wind, roar of the beast.

Planet born of sin, sacrificial feast.

Nature’s catastrophic rage unleashed.

Homes crumble like brittle twigs.

Mercy? No hope this storm brings.

Crashing, thrashing force of destruction;

unabated hatred knows no obstruction.

And just that fast,

the tempest passed.

Bloody. Broken. Every breath inducing pain.

As she cringed in a corner, no love remained.

He was sorry. Said he’d never do it again.



14 responses to “Again

  1. wait, hi. i just clicked over here from your comment to your blog. i just want to make sure you know that i’m not anti-gay. i don’t want you to think i’m another hater or whatever or ruin even a moment of your day. seriously. i AM gay. i was just being sarcastic. the whole thing’s a joke because people don’t actually read my blog

    • I am so sorry I misunderstood your post. As you say, it was sarcasm; but I’ve read the same crap, and worse, from those who truly are haters. I apologize – we’re on the same side. And thanks for taking the time to respond to my misplaced vitriol.

  2. Awesome work. The words and images ring true and set a great mood for the poem.

    However, I’m not sure about the title (to me, it says too much, leaving me feeling the images in the poem are more clutter than a story moving forward, although I do apologize if you were using the title to quickly set theme and avoid ambiguity).

    Other than that, your structure and voice are amazing as always.

    Take care and keep writing. : )

  3. Very powerful. I happen to like the title, did not feel any “clutter” and appreciated the final word being a repetition of the title. {Sorry to disagree with you, Michael.} It IS an awesome work, no “buts” about it.

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