A Joyful Moment

Dunes of white blanket our landscape,

crystal stalactites drape barren trees,

zig-zag tracks lay frozen in time.

Little ones in colorful coats,

hats, scarves and mittens

take playful aim at each other

while mother watches,

sipping cocoa, recalling her youth.

A joyful moment shared by all

who answer winter’s winsome call.


7 responses to “A Joyful Moment

  1. I got a lot of images from the first few lines (a desert, a post-ice age world, a tundra and family of wolves or foxes, and then a simple moment of family enjoyment), which was a nice feeling and change of pace.

    I love your imagery and the rhyming couplet at the end, too.

    Happy holidays.

  2. It has been a while, hope that you have a promising and fulfilling 2011 ahead.
    We have enjoyed your support in 2010, a great big thanks here, cheers!

    We will have our 17th potluck beginning this Sunday, Hope to see you in.

    our theme this week is: “the road ahead”, but you are welcome to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme..

    The more you share, the happier we are…
    You have been a gem to our community, keep shining with your fabulous talent and have fun!

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