Neath the Gray Gull’s Wings

The irascible sea

slaps the shore’s indignant face

far and hard, harder still

till cliffs become sand

and white foam falls dizzyingly

into the distance.


9 responses to “Neath the Gray Gull’s Wings

  1. …irascible lavender=tlatla-uentli(N)=t/l/raven
    r/la-w(r)/v/ue(n)-ce=ce tlatla-uentli(N)=one/ce
    tlatla-ca(N)=flame being=to(r)c/ch=toca(N)=sow/seed)=
    to-/our being/-ca=tocar(sp)=touch.
    rawend(arab)=r/l/tlatla w/v/uentli/t/d=flame offering=
    rhubarb(E), grown along the Ra=R/l/tlatla(N)=flame river,
    old name for the volga=(v)olca=ollin ca(N)=holy rolling river. Ra(egypt/sun).
    whelan(Name)=gwylan(Walsh=Ual-chiua/N/=(come to do/
    own on top)=gwelan(breton)=voilenno(OCelt)=guilan(cornish)=uilana(N)=drag4(wheel)=ui(o)la(letra)=
    =-ce=one=cel/celtin(N)=solo/sola, note how the viol- is
    then labelled, -en-(Nauatl/4), and then, -ce(one).
    i prefer violets and violas. white=uitequi(N)=thresh=
    wheat. tks. vend=uentli(N).
    what i’m trying to do with my ha(i)ku(J)=(compose)=
    ta(l)ka, yes, talk, maybe keep compose out of it
    and converse to be heard, which will mean no careful setting of adjective teeth for the paws of the reader who is bearing(haha)up under my serious approach to immortality when he, the bear, wants to play.

  2. The waves turning into a foam, hitting the shore is indeed a beautiful icon and your words made it double lovely.

  3. Hello, how are you?
    Simply want to check out on you and offer you our greatest appreciation for your support to potluck poetry. You rock!

    Reminder: week 18 Theme: Languages, Signs and Symbols

    The more you share, the happier we are. Plan ahead and have your entry poem. We are open Sunday 8pm, American Central time, linking in early would benefit your work with more encouragements.

    Hope to see you on Sunday at:

    Let me know via email if you have questions or doubts.

    Again, we treasure your participation and would be great to see you again on week 18.

  4. …modesty becomes you, but you can’t write a poem
    like that and be a tzimpil(Nauatl/adj)=fearful.
    i recommend, isbn 968-23-0573-x, in book form the diccionario of pie(spanish definitions). always nice
    to find talent on the web. ok, wings out, off i go.

  5. …earth=hearth=heart=heat= h/th/t/tletl(N)=t/let/l=t/l/red/t/l=t/ler/n/tl=lernia(OFrisian)=
    sylvanus(Latin=in t/Lat-olli=the word)=selva(sp)=sillín/silla(sp)=silent(one stands
    to talk=itoa/oito(N)=oido(sp)=(h)ear/oir(sp).

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