Neath the Gray Gull’s Wings

The irascible sea

slaps the shore’s indignant face

far and hard, harder still

till cliffs become sand

and white foam falls dizzyingly

into the distance.


A Joyful Moment

Dunes of white blanket our landscape,

crystal stalactites drape barren trees,

zig-zag tracks lay frozen in time.

Little ones in colorful coats,

hats, scarves and mittens

take playful aim at each other

while mother watches,

sipping cocoa, recalling her youth.

A joyful moment shared by all

who answer winter’s winsome call.

The Osprey

I often wonder why she fled

the purple-drenched sky.

An osprey cried “Let us pray”

I tried but nothing came out.

Grey caverns swallowed my soul,

she rolled ‘neath her headstone,

a subtle tone wrang in my head.

The bird then warbled a dirge

while I was on the verge

of following my love into tomorrow,

thus forever ending my sorrow.

Hamlet’s debate would seal my fate

one way or another.

And as the osprey sped away

I wondered if I’d live

to see another day.


Oh sacred stone, what mysteries have you beheld?

I held the history of the earth in my palm.

Like a Psalm of the Creator’s majesty

it was unbearably sublime.

Time alone forged its character,

nature may have molded its face;

but only the Infinite could make a thing from nothing.

I marvelled at this miracle for a moment,

then launched it toward the lake.

It skipped the water but twice;

then disappeared.


Wild whipping wind, roar of the beast.

Planet born of sin, sacrificial feast.

Nature’s catastrophic rage unleashed.

Homes crumble like brittle twigs.

Mercy? No hope this storm brings.

Crashing, thrashing force of destruction;

unabated hatred knows no obstruction.

And just that fast,

the tempest passed.

Bloody. Broken. Every breath inducing pain.

As she cringed in a corner, no love remained.

He was sorry. Said he’d never do it again.