La nuit dernière

Cold, dead eyes stare back at me

through the cheap, smoky mirror.

Predator or victim?

A little more mascara,

another dose of Candy Apple.

Squint, blink, pucker, pout…

Good to go.

Oh, but, no;

the incessant base thump-thump-thumping

outside the bathroom door,

the goofy stares at my boobs –

like they’re some kind of hypnotic Sudoku puzzle;

I’m sure my butt’s bruised purple

from all the usual pinching and slapping.

A couple of hours ago Neicey and I thought this was a good idea.

Now, my toes are clenched in these pumps

and my head is lost in a cloud,

half high, half ache.

Yet all the while a pleasant warmth rises inside me…

The door opens, I quickly turn.

It’s Neicey.

Our eyes meet in a way they’ve never met before.


The Osprey

I often wonder why she fled

the purple-drenched sky.

An osprey cried “Let us pray”

I tried but nothing came out.

Grey caverns swallowed my soul,

she rolled ‘neath her headstone,

a subtle tone wrang in my head.

The bird then warbled a dirge

while I was on the verge

of following my love into tomorrow,

thus forever ending my sorrow.

Hamlet’s debate would seal my fate

one way or another.

And as the osprey sped away

I wondered if I’d live

to see another day.


Wild whipping wind, roar of the beast.

Planet born of sin, sacrificial feast.

Nature’s catastrophic rage unleashed.

Homes crumble like brittle twigs.

Mercy? No hope this storm brings.

Crashing, thrashing force of destruction;

unabated hatred knows no obstruction.

And just that fast,

the tempest passed.

Bloody. Broken. Every breath inducing pain.

As she cringed in a corner, no love remained.

He was sorry. Said he’d never do it again.


Her obsession

Although he left her weeks ago

she simply cannot let him go.

The calls and texts come day and night;

this tunnel has no end, no light.

She’s addicted to the pain;

pheromones bewitch her brain.

The ecstasy when they kissed,

all the glorious joy she missed.

She can’t forget his gentle touch

or that laugh she loved so much.

No – her iron will will never bend.

Her desperate longing won’t ever end.

Take two Tylenol and call me in the morning

I meant what I said

get out of my head.

Run away instead

or you’ll end up dead.

Like trees touching sky

keep your hands held high.

Make a move you die.

How dare you ask why?!?

Birds may fly away,

never will I say

please come back and stay.

That’s just not my way.

You are a disgrace.

Can’t you read my face?

You’ve fallen from grace.

Leave and leave no trace…

Gallant beast

My head rests on his breast –

sweet musky sweat.

His rough muscles a perfect complement to my softness.

A gentle soul when we’re out an about;

wise, kind, kinda funny when he wants to be.

A raging stallion back in bed;

a volcano exploding inside of me.

Like the sun slowly filling the morning sky

my heart swells when he walks by.

And when we touch

I know there is a God.