For Christina

Nine good years bookended by tragedy…

A brown-eyed face of hope

suddenly taken away

leaving a hole like Ground Zero in our soul.

Speak not of political ideologies

nor proud partisan remedies

while our tears still be wet,

rather remember her legacy now.

Yes, now and till the winds of time run out of breath!

Henceforth, let us not lash out in anger

but rather reach out in kindness.



The Osprey

I often wonder why she fled

the purple-drenched sky.

An osprey cried “Let us pray”

I tried but nothing came out.

Grey caverns swallowed my soul,

she rolled ‘neath her headstone,

a subtle tone wrang in my head.

The bird then warbled a dirge

while I was on the verge

of following my love into tomorrow,

thus forever ending my sorrow.

Hamlet’s debate would seal my fate

one way or another.

And as the osprey sped away

I wondered if I’d live

to see another day.

Her obsession

Although he left her weeks ago

she simply cannot let him go.

The calls and texts come day and night;

this tunnel has no end, no light.

She’s addicted to the pain;

pheromones bewitch her brain.

The ecstasy when they kissed,

all the glorious joy she missed.

She can’t forget his gentle touch

or that laugh she loved so much.

No – her iron will will never bend.

Her desperate longing won’t ever end.


In an instant the distance dissolves;

the violent violets flooding my id explode

and the prism of my heart cannot refract the haze.

The days of languishing in the anguish amidst the nebula of my soul

are nearly done – for I am undone.

I yearn to break free from this melancholy madness,

for me this is an unholy sadness.

I am trapped between the moon and sun

hopelessly longing for an eclipse

I know will never come…


Never another marmalade sky;

melting megalopolis , forever undone.

Disconcerting fretful foreheads

lowered in humiliation.

A saturation of overwhelming guilt

flooding the microbial excess –









Regret multiplied infinitely.

Grief. Despair.

When the curtain closed,

they wept in silence.